Cyclable Rice Paddies - Trail N. 6

Vercelli – Olcenengo – Vettignè – Santhià – Cavaglià – Lago di Viverone – Tronzano – Crova – Vercelli

Tipologia Biking among the rice fields

A pleasant ring itinerary of 71 km to discover beautiful landscapes.

Departure: Vercelli

Arrival: Vercelli

Length: 76 km

Time required: 6h

Period advised: spring and autumn

Difficulty: medium

Itinerary: From Vercelli railway station, take the Corso Gastaldi overpass towards Olcenengo. Once out of the village, follow for Santhià, through Vettignè, from where you can see the silhouette of the eponymous castle. Worth a stop, the town of Santhià boasts the striking collegiate church of Sant’Agata, with its 12th-century Romanesque bell tower. From the Santhià ring road, follow for Biella all the way to Cavaglià, and from here to Viverone. In the distance, you can recognise Roppolo, which - with its castle and church - is one of the main stops on the Via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome. The itinerary continues along the lake for 5 km, before diverting to Alice Castello and then Tronzano Vercellese. This is where the Naviglio di Ivrea, Canale Depretis and Canale Cavour canals intersect, creating the vital conditions for the cultivation of rice in the Vercelli province. After the villages of Crova and Salasco, whose lake is a favourite destination for fishing enthusiasts, follow provincial route SP11 to Cascine Strà and back to the starting point along marked bike paths.

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