Rassa – Laghetto di Scarpia



Departure (m): 91738

Arrival (m): 2217

Difference in altitude (m): 1279

Time required: 4 hours

Difficult: medium - difficult

Signpost: n. 261 / 262

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

From Rassa you take the road to Val Gronda that passes in front of two chapels and, tooked the path that branches off to the right, near a cable car, you reach Ortigoso hamlet. You go through the houses turning right and, past an isolated cabin and another chapel, you reach Alpe Piana. Here, between the houses, you turn right, taking the path n. 262 that goes into a beautiful valley side. Without excessive slope you get to pass a couple of fords, the second of which is equipped with a steel cable, after which the path arrives to Alpe Sassolenda, where the trail is lost a bit 'in the low vegetation. Now the slope increases, and you come to a third ford that bring you on the opposite side, where there is another path that branches off to the right and that you should ignore; continuing therefore on the left, for the last time you cross the stream and you approach to a steep grassy conduit beyond which we turn left to reassemble a marked grassy rib. Above this you pass not far from the mountain huts of Scarpia and at the junction  you continue right for a slide grassy beyond which the trail moves to the right and, passed two large cairns of stones where the trail is lost a bit ', arrives in view of the Alpe Laghetto clearly visible on the right near the ridge top. Reach the huts almost ruined you go up for a few meters where, just below, is the lone lake lies in a basin moraine.