Pila – Monte Castello

Pila – Monte Castello


Departure (m): 686

Arrival (m): 1804

Difference in altitude (m): 1118

Time required: 3 hours

Difficult: medium

Signpost: n. 232

Outings on foot

Period advised:from spring to autumn

The path starts from the hamlet of Pila, from the ancient road among the houses. Take the muletrack near a fountain that in about 20 minutes reaches the hamlet of Micciolo; cross it and enter the woods. Reach Alpe Selle and, through the fields, walk till the plateau of the Lagone. Continuing through the woods, the itinerary leads to Alpe Taragn and Casarolo. Proceed north-east after a stream. The track becomes less visible. Continue along a steep slope and reach the Alpe. Proceed south and head for the top of Monte Castello.