This town of the upper valley has preserved an imposing and aristocratic air thanks mainly to the majestic parish church and to the splendid buildings on both sides of the Sesia and distributed throughout various villages.

Famous in the history of Valsesia for its schools teaching wood sculpture and carving, many relics are conserved in the little Museum of Sacred Art at the Parish church dedicated to Saint James: it is one of the most beautiful in the Sesia valley; it was built between 1710 and 1725 on the site of a previous late Gothic church, of which the spired bell-tower remains. The works of art preserved inside the church are also important and valuable, by artists such as Borsetti, Orgiazzi and the Avondo brothers; while the decorations are precious

Many and varied excursions are possible from here: from the alpine pasture of Argnaccia to the Valle Artogna bathed by the stream of the same name, as far as Monte della Meia and even the Maccagno Alp in Val Vogna.

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