Alagna - Im Wold

Im Wold

Starting height: da Alagna 1190m.

Arrival height (m.):Fraz. Wold (1260 m.)

Difference (m.): 70 m.

Time: 30 min

Hut: Bar ristorante Wold

Im Wold, so named by the presence of a dense forest is part of the group of fractions "Una - Hinn" (bottom in). The walk allows you to make a leap in the history and traditions of the Walser going to touch those who are the oldest villages of Alagna, among stand out Pedemonte, where a stop is practically a must. Pedemone is a fraction that, more than any other, shows a harmonic structure, in individual homes and residential complex in general, detectable in the materials used, wood and stone, and in the parallel movement of the roofs of the houses set around a picturesque square.

The village also accommodates the Walser Museum, a Walser house maintained to its original state, in which you can admire ancient agricultural tools and objects of domestic use. From Church Square, follow the road towards the Square Hotel, shortly after the square on the right, cross the bridge that leads to the meadows of Zam T'achi and take the path that runs along the left bank of the Sesia. Following the path before you come to Ponte village, cross it and continue towards the village of Pedemonte. Once in the village of Pedemonte cross the bridge that leads into the territory of the fractions San Nicolao (z'San Niklas) and Uterio (Utterhus) and, near the mills of Uterio’s hamlet, take the path that leads you along the river without the possibility of error in Wold.