The town hall of Roasio is made of several hamlets and four parishes: Saint Maurice, Saint Mary, Saint Eusebius and Saint George.

The only medieval surviving structure is the Romanic bell tower of the church of Sanino Eusebius of Pecurilio, whilst the existing ecclesiastical building probably dates back to the XIV century.Restructured in 1770, it was later on abandoned and was re-opened only in 1978The remains of the frescoes which decorates the façade instead date back to the XII and XVI centuries, when it was totally restructured and the great internal fresco which decorates the apse was highlighted.

In the centre of the village, in front of the parish of Saint Maurizio, it is still possible to see the remains of the walls of the castle (destroyed in 1557 during the battle between the emperor Charles V and Francis I of France). These date back to the XII century. There are also the remains of a square.

There are two other Romanic bell towers, both modified. They belong to the churches of Saint Mary and of Saint Mauritius. The latter was built on a previously existing Romanic church, restored and then included in the new building during the XVII century.

Inside the Sanctuary of the Madonna dei Cernioni, in the Curavecchia hamlet, it is possible to admire precious sixteenth century frescoes.

In Roasio there is also the Museum of Emigration,which tells the history of the people of Roasio.

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