Cervatto - Giavina - Villa Banfi

Cervatto - Giavina - Villa Banfi


Departure (m): 1009

Arrival (m): 1606

Difference in altitude (m): 597

Time required: 2 hours


Signpost:n. 503

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

From the hamlet of Giavina, 10 minutes away from Cervatto, take the muletrack that enters the gorge of the Cervo river on a level ground. Past the bridge is the village of Prati Rossi. Keep left towards the valley crossed by the Rio dei Corti river. The path wades the river at once, leading to the right hydrographic shore and up to Alpe Terragno. It descends for a hundred metres towards Oro Negro and then changes direction at the firt junction, gradually climbing up. Reach Alpe Piano and climb the steep path into the woods connecting to Villa Banfi.