Cellio – Anello della Valle di Cellio

Cellio – Anello della Valle di Cellio


Departure (m): 627

Arrival (m): 627

Time required: 3 hours


Signpost:n. 756

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

From the hamlet of Viganallo Superiore, take the road that turns right down to the church dedicated to All Saints. Downhill, along the steep muletrack next to the church, cross the Strona stream. Keep right along a road that soon connects to the muletrack that follows the river. Take the asphalt road again for a few hundred metres up the small church of Culagna. Keep left and follow a dirt road that climbs up to Merlera at the junction for Valmonfredo and connected to itinerary 750. Cross the hamlet up to the asphalt road near the church of S. Bernardo leaving itinerary 750. Follow the carriageway for a short tract that climbs almost up to Calderaia; turn left on a dirt road up to to the hamlet of Barca. First go downhill on a dirt road, then take the muletrack on the right to Zagro. Reach the small square past the houses and the chapel of S. Giovanni Battista. Take the road next to the church again and reach the bridge crossing the Galletto stream. Go up till you reach the hamlet of Piana dei Monti. Cross the road and make way through the houses. Leave the village behind and make for the river. Cross the bridge near the ruins of Mulino Rosa. Head for Cadarafagno, keep left and reach the square, turn left downhill on the paved muletrack. The almost plane path leads to Alpe Baltegora and the muletrack connects to the church of S. Antonio Abate. Keep left to reach the carriageway, beyond which is a track leading back to Vignallo Superiore.