Boccioleto – Bocchetta di Scotto

Boccioleto – Bocchetta di Scotto


Departure (m): 667

Arrival (m): 1503

Difference in altitude (m): 836

Time required: 3 ours

Difficult: medium

Signpost: n. 371

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

Above the hamlet of Boccioletto, near the Oratory of S. Marco, the muletrack descends left crossing the Sermenza stream to then climb back up towards the fraction Casetti. With the fields on the right and beyond Cà Zali and Calmalgino, the path starts to climb up slightly along various bends until Alpe Oropiano. Leaving the pastures of Roccolo and Cà ‘d Marco behind, the path continues above the pasture up to Colma Masset or Gaggia. Here one can take the path on the right along the ridge to reach Bocchetta di Scotto.