Alagna Valsesia - Walser Museum


ZonaHigh Valsesia

The museum is bears witness to the originality of the culture of an ancient population, proud of its language, a high German dialect, and traditions is based; situated in Alagna-hamlet of Pedemonte, it has been set up in a house dating back to 1682, altered over the centuries but restored to its original form by the people of Alagna for this purpose.

Built on three levels (animal shed level, room level and barn level), the construction is made of tree trunks, stacked on top of one another and interlocked at the corners, and is surrounded by the wide porches characteristic of Walser architecture.

The Walser Museum houses furniture, objects, furnishings and products from the period, forming an authentic historical memory and an instrument for reconstructing the sociological and anthropological aspects of the Walser culture.

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WALSER MUSEUMFrazione Pedemonte - Alagna