Biking among the rice fields - Vercelli-Montonero-Sali-Larizzate-Vercelli

Route N. 1

Tipologia Biking among the rice fields

Departure: Vercelli

Arrival: Vercelli

Length: 15 km

Time required: 1h

Period advised: spring and autumn

Difficulty: easy

Itinerary:From the train station in Vercelli: take the bike path in Viale Garibaldi (in front of the station) until the end and turn right. Continue along and after the roundabout, take again the bike path in Corso Prestinari. Go beyond the train crossing and continue for about 2000 mt., corresponding to street number 81, then turn right and go over a small bridge. After roughly 200 mt., take the small dirt road on the left past a long cement building. After some hundred metres, at the intersection with the provincial road, turn right in the direction of Biella until the traffic light. Here, turn left and continue in the direction of Olcenengo. After a few hundred meters, turn left onto the dirt road heading towards Tenuta di Muleggio. Follow the road and after about 200 mt. continue to the right until arriving at a small bridge. Continue along through fields, rice-fields, herons and dwarf herons for about 2200 mt. Pass 2 cascine (farmsteads) and at the third (Cascina Gettesco) turn to the left and go up over the train overpass (3rd overpass). On the other side, turn right and then to the left until you reach the main road. Turn right, follow along for about 50 mt. and turn left towards Montonero. Continue along the residential area until the last house, then take the dirt road straight ahead that after about 1000 mt. connects the residential area of Monyonero with the cemetery of Sali (visible in the distance). Enter the residential area of Sali, go to the crossroads and turn left. Continue along on this asphalted road (it has less traffic). After arriving in proximity of the motorway's overpass, either continue along as normal or take the detour passing underneath (detour intended for "off-road” cyclists). At the intersection turn left towards the village of Casalrosso (from Sali about 2500 mt). Go through the residential area and continue until reaching the provincial road (700 m). Turn left and go straight for about 1000 mt. along the provincial road until reaching the residential area of Larizzate. At the Bar Trattoria "Nuovo Mulino” (an orange building) turn left. Continue through the village in the direction of the fields until reaching the Cascina Verola. From here continue east on the dirt road until getting to the bypass road. Pay attention while crossing. Continue along the dirt road and head towards the football field. Go towards the train crossing, turn left and continue along side the railroad until reaching Corso Prestinari, where you will again find the original bike path and may return to the train station.