Vercelli – Cathedral Treasure Museum



The museum, located in the Archbishop Palace of Vercelli, hosts one of the richest existing collection of sacred objects. Ornaments, reliquaries and handmade items of inestimable value and splendid making leave visitors breathless while unveiling the diocese history and evangelization required by Eusebio, first Bishop of Vercelli and Piedmont. The rooms gather jewels from the VII to the XVII century: the anastatic copy of the Vercelli Book - the famous code written in ancient Anglo-Saxon jargon at the end of the X century, finds from the great restoration of the Cathedral Othonian Crucifix, reliquaries and liturgical furniture. At the end of the tour are the Pope Rooms, where one can the still perceive the ever living bond between the city of Vercelli and the pontificate; here, in addition to ancient pieces of furniture related to the visit of Pope Giovanni Paolo II, are rich textile works and true paintings. During special opening days open to visitors is the Archbishop picture-gallery, recently refurbished, in the part in the Savoy Apartments. Upon reservation, guided tours are available for 5 to 20 people groups to admire the extraordinary Capitulary Library patrimony.

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