Vercelli - “Camillo Leone” Museum



Founded at the beginning of the 20th century from the inheritance of the Vercellese notary Camillo Leone, the museum is based in two historical buildings: Casa Alciati and the 18th century Palazzo Langosco, connected by another building designed in 1939. Inside this addition is the archaeological section of the museum featuring interesting Roman artefacts from the territory, including the famous bilingual stele stone inscribed in Latin and Gaulish.

The rooms in Palazzo Langosco contain the collections of decorative arts: maiolica pottery and glass from the most important Italian factories, jewellery, furniture, and 18th century clothing. Among the furnishings, two rare pieces stand out: a small chest made in Limousine that belonged to Cardinal Guala Bicchieri, and another from the school of the Embriaghi. The ancient library contains around 20,000 volumes, including illumined manuscripts on parchment, cinquecentine (books printed in the 15th century) and incunables (pamphlets printed before 1501).

In the west wing of Palazzo Langosco, the splendid Sala delle Armi (Hall of Weapons) features bladed weapons (halberds, swords, daggers) and equipment (armour, helmets, spurs, stirrups) dating from the Dark Ages to the 19th century. The last rooms of this museum contain locally produced jewellery, including ornaments for hair styles, bracelets, necklaces, rings and other refined pieces.

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