Vercelli - “Camillo Leone” Museum



History in all its forms: this is the Leone Museum , created from the surprising collection owned by the Notary Camillo Leone. The premises are also enchanting, set in the sixteenth century Casa Alciati, joined by a linking wing to the baroque building, Palazzo Langosco, richly decorated with frescoes and stuccoes.

The thirteen ground floor rooms take the visitor on a trip through the history of  Vercelli , from its origins until the Renaissance period. Prehistoric and Roman finds discovered in the Vercelli area are joined by Apulian, Etruscan, Messapican and Campanian jars and vases, amphora, ceramics and Etruscan bronzes.

The items displayed in the rooms of Palazzo Langosco are of more recent origin: from the 17 th century until the Risorgimento. The collections of ceramics made in the Lombardy area are of particular interest, as are the eighteenth century men's and women's clothes which bear witness to the strong influence of French fashion.

Recently inaugurated, the splendid Room of Arms gathers side arms (halberds, swords, daggers) and accessories (armours, helmets, spurs, stirrups) from Medieval times up to the XIX century. The tour ends with the rooms dedicated to the territory local and community goldsmithing where visitor can admire hair pieces, bracelets, necklaces, rings and other refined jewels.


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