The Museum of Farmacia Picciòla



The Pharmacy Museum, developed along a path of six exhibition rooms decorated with furniture from the XIX and XX century, tells the evolution of pharmacy throughout two hundred years of history.

The collection, started in 1799, year of foundation of the Farmacia Picciòla of Trieste, later moved to Vercelli thanks to Doc. Bagliani, displays over 2000 pieces among which: precision scales, spirit inhalation therapy machines, mortars, marble pestles of various sizes, alembics, jars and other incredible curiosities such as the huge crocodile hanged to the ceiling arch of lab-style room.

Also displayed are over 1000 items, historical documentations, 800 scientific volumes and 400 literature books.

Since 1999, when it was still in Trieste, the museum has been part of the Association Européenne des Musées d'Histoire des Sciences (A.E.M.H.S.M.).

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