Vercelli – Cathedral Treasure Museum



The Museum of the Cathedral Treasure is in Palazzo Arcivescovile, and contains one of the richest collections of sacred objects in existence. Splendidly made decorative objects, reliquaries and utensils of inestimable value make visitors marvel as they tell the story of the diocese and the evangelisation campaigns headed by Eusebio, the first Bishop of Vercelli and Piedmont. Pieces of jewellery made from the 7th to the 17th centuries are on display; an anastatic copy of the "Vercelli Book”, the famous codex from the late 10th century written in Old English; finds from the restoration of the cathedral’s large Ottonian Crucifix; reliquaries and church furnishings. At the end of the museum route are the "Sale del Papa” (the Pope’s Rooms), which still hold a memory of the close relationship between Vercelli and the office of the Pope: visitors will see furnishings from Pope John Paul II’s visit in 1998, rich textile works of art and actual paintings. Groups can make reservations for guided tours of the precious objects housed in the Biblioteca Capitolare.

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