Varallo – Massa del Turlo

Varallo – Massa del Turlo


Departure (m): 505

Arrival (m): 1959

Difference in altitude (m): 1454

Time required: 4 hours

Difficult: medium

Signpost: n. 620

Outings on foot

Period advised:from spring to autumn

From the hamlet of Barattina, located along the carriage road of Val Mastallone, keep right towards a parking lot and cross a level stretch of land to the old bridge of the Mastallone. Cross the stream is, climb up left to reach and cross the road of Cervarolo, then continue along the muletrack that after a long stretch meets various times the road cutting out its bends. Past a chapel is the built-up area of Villa Inferiore to be crossed along the old main road and at the fork turn left to Villa Superiore. Head to the hamlets of Solivo and Volta. Enter the wood up to Alpe Piane. Take the path that climbs up to the church, cross the alpine pasture and, after passing a wood, you will reach Vanoccio. Continue along the broad ridge to reach Bocchetta Schillottàa. Diagonally cut a stretch of rocky crest on the western side and, back on the ridge, you will reach Cima Ventolaro. Proceed along the crest passing first the Bocchetta del Sonato and then the top of Massa del Turlo or Giandolino.