Varallo Bec dOvaga

Varallo Bec dOvaga


Departure (m): 460

Arrival (m): 1638

Difference in altitude (m): 1178

Time required: 3 hours

Difficult: easy

Signpost: n. 605

Outings on foot

Period advised:from spring to autumn

From the parish church of the hamlet of Creola, keep left along the main street up to the yellow house at n.134, then turn right to meet the beginning of the path. The road starts climbing up on the left to reach the Crevola-Parone road. Proceed along the path on the right. After following the path in a zigzagging pattern for a while, you will reach Alpe Cerei, then the climb will lead into the wood up to Casavei. Continue along the muletrack and you will come out on the service dirt road of Casavei-Alpe Campo towards Sella del Taione. Follow this track up to Alpe Campo. The path goes up through the wood past Alpe Volpera, then it crosses a stream and reaches Alpe del Pastore. Keep climbing, wade the Riale stream and you will reach the refuge of Spanna-Osella after a few bends. After passing between the chapel and the refuge, on a steep stretch not much exposed, in a few minutes you will reach the peak of the Res or Bec dOvaga. You may also make a detour leaving directly from Casavei, reachable by car.