Varallo Alpe Lincè

Varallo Alpe Lincè


Departure (m): 883

Arrival (m): 974

Difference in altitude (m): 91

Time required: 1,40 hours

Difficult: easy

Signpost: n. 632

Outings on foot

Period advised:from spring to autumn

The path starts near the small church of the Madonna delle Pecore is, from the paved road that from Morondo goes up to Alpe Sacchi. Pass in front of the restaurant and once you take the first sharp bend you will enter a wood. The first stretch takes about 10 minutes and is quite steep. Once reached the hill top, proceed left into a wood up to the estate path that reaches Alpe Sacchi, follow it for about 50 metres and at the first sharp bend take the track on the right back in a wood to reach Colma di Ballano. Continue on the right edge of the fields down to the wood, then turn left and cross the first brook. In a short while you will be out of the wood heading for the grassy area of Alpe Cignolo; turn left and continue towards Alpe Lincè.