Valduggia – Valpiana

Valduggia – Valpiana


Departure (m): 392

Arrival (m): 704

Difference in altitude (m): 312

Time required: 2 hours

Difficult: easy

Signpost: n. 750

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

From Valduggia, near the church of Santa Maria di Invozio, take the carriage road to Camo, cross a bridge and start climbing up. You will meet itinerary 754, leave it on the left and take the muletrack on the right that runs along the few houses of Camo and then turns into a narrow path leading into the wood. The path comes out on a paved road near the hamlet of Sella and follows it up to the church of the Natività. Turn left and leave the paved road. Turn right on the steep old muletrack that connects to the paved road to be followed up to Valmonfredo. Go straight along the slope and exit the town. Continue on a less trodden but signalled path and exit the wood, turn right to the open land and, on a level ground, reach Merlera. From the square descend among the houses, cross the paved road and keep going down to the valley floor. Past the stream, go up the opposite bank coming out on the carriage road and, by keeping right, you will pass the church of S. Giovanni Battista and reach Valpiana.