Alagna - Val d’Otro

Val d’Otro

Starting height (m.): 1190

Arrival height(m.): Valle d’Otro – Pianmisura (1857)

Difference (m.): 667

Mainly exposure: south-west

Place of departure: Alagna Valsesia, Grober

Time: 2,00 hours

The Val d 'Otro is already beautiful and deserving of a visit. Adding to the rich historical, ethnic, cultural of Walser people, which adopted this valley as one of his residences, comes out of a snowshoe really interesting.

The route starts at Alagna in Piazza Grober (1200 m), at the right side of the homonymous monument; passes behind the theater Unione Alagnese, through Frazione Reale, and crossing the dirt road that climbs from the fraction Resiga, begins the real path (n. 203).

The first part of the trail is entirely in the dense forest and meets after about half an hour a chapel where it came from the path of Resiga. The trail now takes many twists and climbs straight up until the end of the forest where there is the vast floor of the Otro valley and its many Walser villages. They meet in order: Follu, Dorf, Scarpia, Pianmisura Piccola and Grande with his church.

The environment is very impressive and the location is not difficult. The descent will take place on the same track climb. Of course, who does not want to continue to Pianmisura you can 'stop at one of several villages that meet rising.