Val Grande

Val Grande

Boccorio’s Icefall

Start (m): 900

Difficult: 3/II

Lenght (m): 200

Approach: in Isolello hamlet, along the provincial road 299, after the first tunnel before Riva Valdobbia, you park and go back along the Sesia river, arriving at the base of the icefall.


Candela dell’Alpe Campo

Start (m): 1246

Difficult: 4+/III

Lenght (m): 150

Approach: leave your car in Pedemonte, just above Alagna. Take the path to Alpe Campo. After a few minutes you come to a fork where you should turn right. After the small hamlet continue up the path, up to an isolated cottage. At this point, continue for a few meters, leave the path and turn right between plants, to find the bottom of the stream. In a few minutes you arrive at the base.