TMR: Col DOlen Passo Foric Alpe Pianmisura Alagna

TMR: Col DOlen Passo Foric Alpe Pianmisura Alagna


Departure (m): 2881

Arrival (m): 1191

Difference in altitude (m): 1690

Time required: 4h

Difficulty: medium

Outings on foot

Period advised: from late spring to autumn

Refreshment areas: Rifugio Zar Senni, Fraz. Follu Tel. 0163.922952

Signpost: 205,205b,203b,203 (ex 5, 5b, 3b, 3)

From the Col d'Olen, take the mule trail no. 205, which at times is stony and intersects with ski slopes, until you get about halfway through the valley. Leave behind the Sasso del Diavolo and follow trail no. 205b; please pay close attention as the trail is exposed in some places. Once you've reached the Foric Pass (2432 m), take the trail no. 203b that descends into the Otro Valley (be sure to avoid the trails not clearly visible on the left) through meadows and pastures until you've arrived to the Alpe di Pianmisura (m 1782). Follow along no. 203 until you reach the Walser Village of Otro, where you can enjoy the wonderful architecture of the houses.

From the small village of Follu, go past the church and take the trail heading back to the village.