TMR: Alagna Wold Alpe Faller Colle del Turlo

TMR: Alagna Wold Alpe Faller Colle del Turlo


Departure (m): 1260

Arrival (m): 2738

Difference in altitude (m): 1478

Time required: 4h


Outings on foot

Period advised: from late spring to autumn

Refreshment areas: Rifugio Pastore, Alpe Pile Tel. 0163.91220

Signpost: 207,207a (ex 7, 7a)

From the village of Wold in Alagna, the paved road leading to the Acqua Bianca Waterfall begins (it is closed to car traffic, but during the summer months there is a shuttle service). From Acqua Bianca (1,497 m), in the beginning, follow along for the Rifugio Pastore; once you reach the mule trail, take trail no. 207a on the right towards Colle del Turlo. It is suitable for everyone; it is not particularly steep and there are many panoramic views of the Alpe Pile and Bors Valley.

At the Faller pasture (1,984 m), takes about 1h30 from Acqua Bianca, will find the newly renovated ancient shepherds' huts and the view of the valley below; the peace and tranquility repay all the effort.

Moving on, the trail becomes more difficult and it will take about another 2h to reach Colle del Turlo (2,738 m).