The Bosco delle Sorti della Partecipanza di Trino

The Bosco delle Sorti della Partecipanza di Trino

Tipologia Bicycle Touring

Departure: Trino

: Trino

: 10 km

Time required
: 1h-2h

Period advised
: from spring to autumn


Useful Info:
the route doesn't require the use of a mountain bike. Cars are not allowed inside the wood.

10 km to enjoy all the purity of nature and the charm of timeless atmospheres, in the last example of planitial forest where there are species of tree which are extinct elsewhere. The Bosco delle Sorti della Partecipanza di Trino is part of a large land area bordered by the Rivers Sesia, Po and Dora Baltea and is surrounded by paddy fields. This makes the itinerary within easy reach of everyone, offering the chance to admire age-old trees and to take a closer look at structures linked with the cultivation of rice, which are also of considerable historic and cultural importance.

Itinerary: starting from Trino railway station, take the tree-lined avenue that leads to a square. Turn left and cycle down Corso Italia, past the Town hall, heading towards Vercelli for about 500 metres: when you see a petrol station on the left, turn left and cycle all the way down Via Montenero, continuing along Via Don Pollo, by the side of a canal. The surfaced road ends after about 100 metres and the route continues along the dirt track on the right. After a few kilometres you will come to a fork in the road and both paths lead to the wood. The best way to enjoy the itinerary is to follow a ring route inside the wood, returning back in the opposite direction.