Ingredients for the Sponge Cake: 6 eggs, sugar 180 g., flour 00 75 g, potato flour 75 g, a pinch of salt

Ingredients for the filling: 3 egg yolks, whole milk 250 ml, sugar 70 g, maize starch 25g, 1 sachet of vanillin powder, sugarless fresh whip-cream 250 ml, shelled and toasted hazelnuts 100 g or two table spoons of hazelnut cream

Ingredients for the alcohol soaking: water 100 g, sugar 80 g, rum 40 g, "maraschino spirit 40 g

Ingredients for the chocolate leaves: dark chocolate 150 g, hazelnut granules 50 gr., butter 40 g

Hazelnut granules to coat the edge of the cake.

Icing sugar to be abundantly sprinkled on the cake after coating it with the dark chocolate layer.



To proceed with the cake, first beat up the eggs and the sugar for at least 20 minutes. After making sure the eggs have not turned liquid, gently add the two previously sifted flours and pour the entire mixture into a greased and floured 24-26 cm deep-edge mould and bake at 170 °C.


Prepare the alcohol soaking: boil the water with the sugar for about ten minutes, then remove the saucepan from the fire; add to the still hot mixture the rum and the maraschino spirit to let the alcohol evaporate while preserving the aroma.

Prepare the filling: heat he whole milk while at the same time whipping up the yolks mixed with the sugar. Add the carefully sifted mixing well to avoid the formation of lumps. Add the sachet of vanillin gradually diluting it in the hot milk. Keep stirring and gradually move pan back on the stove and wait for the mixture to thicken. Prepare a batter grinding the previously toasted nuts with a kitchen robot. Add the hazelnut batter to the vanillin-flavoured cream, cover it with a plastic food film, and let it cool off. Whip up the fresh cream and spread it on the cake working gently from the bottom up.

Prepare the chocolate leaves: thaw the dark chocolate by stirring it with the butter in a double boiler pan, then spread the mixture on a layer of baking paper. Let it cool off and then cut out some chocolate curls with a potato peeler or a flat blade knife.


Assemble the sponge cake: Cut it into three layers, slightly moisten it with the sponging alcoholic mix and then fill each layer with the chantilly hazelnut cream.  Complete the cake by topping it with a sponge cake disc, covering both the top and the edges with the remaining cream. With the hazelnut granules decorate the edge and then with the remaining softened chocolate cut off some flakes or curls either with a potato peeler or a flat blade cheese cutter