What is better, biking among the herons and flooded rice fields, an out-of-bounds run in fresh snow or kayaking down one of the famous Valsesian rapids? And what about a hike among the art and flora protected by in the Natural Reserve particular to Sacro Monte, or paragliding, or spending a relaxing day fishing? Among such indecisions, there is only one thing for sure: in province of Vercelli, doing sports means taking part of an unforgettable experience in close contact with a very valuable as well as delicate patrimony which has been able to conserve all the its charm thanks to the work of the parks and the reserves. A patrimony made up of "uncontaminated mountains", "forests", "baraggia" (local moor-like lands), yet above all, of "water": the wild of the Sesia, the splendour of the rice fields and the snow of one of Europe's greatest skiing areas.