Scopello Cima delle Balme

Scopello Cima delle Balme


Departure (m): 659

Arrival (m): 1804

Difference in altitude (m): 1271

Time required: 4 hours

Difficult: medium

Signpost: n. 231

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

Refreshment area: Ristoro Frasso Tel. 0163.72455

From Scopello, at the beginning of the town, in the hamlet of Rua, a road passes close to the oratory of S. Antonio and the chapel of the Beata Panacea to then enter via degli Alpini. Take the muletrack that reaches junction 231f, leave it on your right and continue through a wood and a few fields. Enter Comba di Frasso and, along a slope, pass the chapels of the Addolorata, of the Madonna di Mera and the Rivuccia, to arrive in Frasso. At the fountain turn left, past a stream, and reach Alpe Nigrera. Keep climbing and take the muletrack climbing up on the right. You will cross another stream up to itinerary 231b. Cross Rio Frasso once again and climb along the opposite mountain side up to Alpe Sella di Bedino and then Alpe Balma di Mezzo. The path reaches the dividing ridge up to Alpe Balma di Cima. Follow the western ridge running along the borders of Scopello, Boccioleto and Campertogno, up to Cima delle Balme.