Riva Valdobbia Val Vogna Vallone del Maccagno

Valle Vogna Vallone del Maccagno


Departure (m): 1354

Arrival (m): 2188

Difference in altitude (m): 834

Time required: 3,30 hours

Difficult: medium

Signpost: n. 201/205 (ex 1/5)

Outings on foot

Period advised: from late spring to late summer

From Riva Valdobbia you get to the village of Ca' di Janzo in the Valle Vogna; every Saturday and Sunday during the summer and for the whole month of August, you can leave the car behind and walk along the made-up road to Sant'Antonio, where the homonymous restaurant-alpine refuge is practically always open. That also is the starting point for path no. 201, the old road to Aosta: a wide and not-very-steep dirt road takes you to Peccia and Oratorio di San Grato in just 1 hour; right after that, at Ponte Napoleonico, leave the path and follow the trail sign no. 205. The route climbs gently and crosses several mountain pastures, such as Buzzo inferiore, superiore, Pioda di sotto and Pioda di sopra. Possible variation: near Buzzo, the itinerary no. 206 takes you to the small lakes Tillio and Cortese, then to rejoin the original path.Past the Maccagno stream, a climb rises on the moraine among heaps of rocks up to the Alpe Camino, before finally joining the road to the Maccagno. The landscape is stunningly beautiful, with two small lakes surrounding the small houses where the homonymous and delicious toma cheese is produced.