Riti pasquali (ita)


In Vercelli, as well as in many other places in the province, religious celebrations linked to Easter represent a very special moment in which worship and tradition mingle to keep alive the practices that have been handed down for centuries.   
In Vercelli on the Friday of the Holy Week, it takes place a procession of large sculptural groups, the Machines, made of wood, plaster and papier-mâché. In1825 the Compagnia del SS. Crocifisso began to carry in procession the wooden crucifix kept in the Basilica of Sant'Andrea.
Currently the machines in procession follow a chronological order connected to the moments of the Passion of Christ.   


The procession  takes place in Varallo on Palm Sunday. According to the ancient tradition, the procession starts from the Collegiate Church of San Gaudenzio and climbs up to the Sanctuary of the Sacro Monte.         
The Sette Marie are the figures characterizing this ritual and are represented by seven girls wearing an ancient black costume, of Spanish tradition. There are also many signs of mourning brought by the protagonists of the procession: the black veil on the face, the very slow pace, the torches and the cross carried by one of them.        


The traditional Via Crucis that takes place in Quarona, since 1983, stages the passion of Christ through a procession that starts from the parish church and ends with the ascent to San Giovanni al Monte. Over the years the procession has been transformed into a real theatrical representation, unique throughout the province: about three hundred people are committed to the sacred representation.