Cyclable Rice Paddies - Trail N. 5

Vercelli – Casalrosso – Lucedio - Montarolo – Fontanetto Po – Palazzolo – Trino – Saletta – Asigliano - Vercelli

Tipologia Biking among the rice fields

A pleasant ring itinerary of 71 km to discover beautiful landscapes.

Departure: Vercelli

Arrival: Vercelli

Length: 71 km

Time required: 5h30'

Period advised: spring and autumn

Difficulty: medium


From Vercelli railway station, follow the marked bike paths on Viale Garibaldi, Via Paggi and Via Trino and head out of town towards Crescentino. Continue on the Strada delle Grange to the junction for Darola, past Lucedio – which is where the cultivation of rice originally began in Italy, at the hands of the Cistercian monks - and the nearby Santa Maria abbey complex, dating back to 1123. Ride past the shrine known as the Santuario della Madonna delle Vigne, along the Bosco della Partecipanza forest, to Montarolo, from where you can shorten the route by 25 km by following for Trino. Take the Strada delle Grange once again towards Crescentino to follow the original itinerary, shortly after diverting for San Genuario and the eponymous wetland natural reserve. From the small hamlet of Monticelli, follow for Trino, through the villages of Palazzolo and Fontanetto Po, the birthplace of composer Giovan Battista Viotti. As you reach the small village of Torrione, follow for Saletta and Asigliano Vercellese, famous for its traditional bull race or "Corsa dei Buoi”, and finally head for Vercelli and back to the starting point.

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