Rimasco Finestrolo del Lampone

Rimasco Finestrolo del Lampone


Departure (m): 1158

Arrival (m): 2272

Difference in altitude (m): 1114

Time required: 3 hours

Difficult: medium

Signpost: n. 132

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

Just before Ferrate, on the road that connects Rimasco to Carcoforo, take the muletrack on the left. You will first reach CaForgiotti and then the hamlets of Oro Inferiore and Oro Superiore. The path on the right of the church follows the left side of Vallone del Lampone. You will cross various mountain pastures, such as Alpe Tetto, Alpe Sellaccia, Alpe Sasso Piaggionia, Alpe Cascivere di Sopra. From this point the itinerary continues inside the Park, up to the alpine pasture of the Lampone, where you will leave the itinerary for Colle del Bas (132c) and the top of the Lampone on the right. Continue west up to Finestrolo del Lampone.