Rimasco Alpe Campo

Rimasco Alpe Campo


Departure (m): 906

Arrival (m): 1386

Difference in altitude (m): 480

Time required: 1,10 hours

Difficult: easy

Signpost: n. 370

Outings on foot

Period advised: all year

Refreshment area: Rifugio Alpe Campo Ph. +39.346.3519589

You leave from the hamlet Sponda del Lago that connects Rimasco (m.906) at Pian della Ratta (m.1191) (CAI n. 370).
From Pian della Ratta the trail continues up to Alpe Campo (m. 1386) through a climb along the route of the former ski lift, on the left side of the slope above the refuge. The path goes forward into a forest after crossing the lawn and reaches Alpe Campo from which there are two possible paths. The first variant is the Alpe Le Teste, we head down the runway and arrive at Alpe Pianali from which we find the CAI signpost n. 378 until the second farm house and from which we leave for the
challenging CAI path no. 380 that leads to Fervento. The second one starts from the former ski slope after Alpe Campo, you climb up to Bocchetta on Val Sermenza; you climb up to Alpe Pianello for 45 minutes, at the foot of Cima Castello (m. 1985).