Rima San Giuseppe – Alpe Nonaj

Rima San Giuseppe – Alpe Nonaj

Tipologia Mtb

Departure (m): 1411

Arrival (m): 1771

Difference in altitude (m): 360

Time required: 2 hours

Difficult: medium

Outings in mountain bike

Period advised: from spring to autumn

From the village of San Giuseppe , from the local car park at the entrance of the village, take the made-up road on the right. After about 1km, the itinerary continues on a dirt road, then crosses a small wooden bridge and carries on along a mule track.
It will take you about 2 hours to get to the mountain pasture, with a difference in altitude of 360m and 17km in length, the route is made up by 85% dirt road and 15% tarred road; moderate difficulty.