Rima – Colle Piglimò

Rima – Colle Piglimò


Arrival (m): 2485

Difference in altitude (m): 1074

Time required: 3,30 hours

Difficult: medium

Signpost: n. 292-294

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

From Rima, take path 292 which leads to Alpe Lanciole di Sotto in about an hour. Make a detour left from here by taking path 294, cross a stream and climb the steep bends to Alpe Lanciole di Sopra. Take the path below the ‘baita’ on the right, pass the brook and you will reach a fork in the road. Leave path 292b which leads to Alpe Lavazei on the right, continue across the steep pastures through the canyon. You will then reach a basin and by keeping left the track leads to Colle Piglimò.