Rima – Mountain pasture itinerary

Rima – Mountain pasture itinerary


Starting altitude (m): 1411

Arrival altitude (m): 1943

Level difference (m): 532

Exposure: South- East

Starting point: Rima San Giuseppe

Duration: 2 Hours

Trail markers: 292/292a/291


An easy trail that crosses the marvellous mountain pastures of the valley of Rima. From the village, the trail follows the right orographic bank of the Sermenza torrent, then climbing up to Alpe Lanciole above. From this point, path 292, along the Park border, leads to Alpe Lavazei. The track continues at the same altitude and crosses the mountain pastures along trail marker number 292: Alpe Brusiccia is just a few minutes’ walk away. The inhabited centre of this alpine pasture is one of the most ancient, as proven by the inscription on a stone of the original construction dating back to 1650. From Alpe Brusiccia excursionist can return to the village by following the convenient trail marked by no.291.