Alagna - Valle di Bors

Valle di Bors


Departure (m): 1200 - 1456

Arrival (m): 1836

Difference in altitude (m): 636 - 380

Time required: 2,5 hours from Alagna / 1 hour from Rifugio Pastore

Difficult: medium-easy

Signpost: n. 210 (ex 10)

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

Refreshment area: Rifugio Pastore in Alpe Pile Tel. 0039.0163.91220

From the Parish Church of Alagna the road continues straight for about 1 km until you reach Wold: here there is a large car park where you must leave the car and continue on foot (or with the shuttle bus in summer). Immediately after the chapel of St. Antonio about 4 km from Alagna, take the path n.6 that leads to Rifugio Pastore. Alternatively, you can reach the Alpe Pile continuing on the paved road to the square Acqua Bianca then follow the path pointed in the direction of Rifugio Pastore. From the large lawn in front of the hut the trail that starts with the sign n. 6 penetrates slowly into the valley of Bors, in winter pearlfor the lovers of off-piste skiing. The trail is very easy, at many points along the river and crosses with plans really suited to all different fields, the largest of which is probably Casera Lungas (m 1644). It 'very easy during the summer meet along the way grazing cows, who will not be at all upset by the passage of hikers. After about 30 minutes a small bridge crosses a delightful stream: from here the route is changed, replacing one way until now comfortable with the switchbacks with steps that lead to the Bors pasture in about 15 minutes , where is situated Crespi Calderini Refuge (m 1829) (closed). Those who want to continue, the path indicated by the n.10 leads to the waterfall Pisse, which boasts 200m of fall, beyond which it reaches the Bocchetta delle Pisse (2396 m), in the Olen Valley.