Rassa Colle del Loo

Rassa Colle del Loo


Departure (m): 917

Arrival (m): 2452

Difference in altitude (m): 1535

Time required: 4,45 hours

Difficult: medium-difficult

Signpost: n. 251

Outings on foot

Period advised:from spring to autumn

From the parking lot of Rassa, take the carriage road left (limited traffic zone during specific times of the year) then take the muletrack. After a few minutes you will reach Alpe Campello and, further on, Alpe Sorba, then the bridge of Prabella. Do not cross the bridge and continue on a smooth slope to reach Cascina Antauia. Cross the dirt road and you will reach the pasture of Alpe Dosso after a short while. The baita of Alpe Massucco is just past Rio Artorto. The muletrack proceeds up to Alpe Toso, seat of the CAI support point. The track continues along the orographic left side between the riverbed of the Sorba stream and the mountainside up to the end of the vast plateau where the large curvy slope begins.

Just before Alpe Lamaccia, cross the Sorba river. Left to the basin is the Lake della Lamaccia. The path climbs up the rocky hill on the right and after passing a water spring it goes back up along a few short bends. Cross the Nero stream, turn right and you will reach the broad grassy plain of Alpe del Prato. Continue among big rocks zigzagging through the vast valley and finally reaching the pass. From the hill, the path descends the opposite side and crosses Valle di Loo, up to Loomatten and then Gressoney St. Jean in the Lys Valley. Just behind the hill the wide upper basin of the Piani di Loo connects the tracks north with Passo del Maccagno (through Riva Valdobbia) and south to Colle di Lozoney and then to Mologna Grande (through Piedicavallo).