Piode – Alpe sui Piani

Piode – Alpe sui Piani


Departure (m): 752

Arrival (m): 1691

Difference in altitude (m): 939

Time required: 2,45 hours


Signpost:n. 250

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

From the parking lot along the Sesia river, enter the inhabited area of the town. Near the bowls court, the path climbs up along the muletrack through a chestnut wood. After 15 minutes, you will reach Alpe Cipolla. Continue through a wood up to Alpe Pian del Montone or Solivetto and then head for Alpe Taragno. Keep walking along the ridge until the path leads to Alpe Solivo dell’Erba. Leave a non-signalled shortcut on the right, which is exposed but offers a great view. Continue on the left through the woods. Pass near a stone slab where an engraved cross marks the borders of four communes (Scopello, Pila, Piode and Campertogno) and enter a birchen wood where the shortcut reappears. After a short while you will reach Piano del Ronco. From this pasture the path becomes less visible and reaches the pasture of Alpe sui Piani.