Monterosa Ski by MTB

Two wheels

Tipologia Mtb

Starting point (m): Alagna, 1191

Destination (m): Alagna, 1191

Difference in altitude (m): positive 0; negative 2000 (Gressoney), 4000 (Champoluc)

Riding time: 5/7 hours


Recommended period: summer

Buy a ticket for the Monterosa Ski Lift and take up to the trail starting point. You will ride the lift from Alagna Valsesia to Passo dei Salati. From here, you will go downhill to Gabiet and then take one of two trails: a downhill track to the locality of Stafal, or following the signs to Jolanda - you will descend to Bedemie and then take the trail for Stafal. You will get back on the lifts to get to Colle Bettaforca, and that is where the descent for Ciarcerio begins. Then, you will descend to Frachey (Valle di Ayas), and Champoluc. On the return leg, use the funicular service to Ciarcerio, and then the chairlift to Mandria. From there, you will go downhill to the starting point of the chairlift that leads to Colle Bettaforca. Descent to Gressoney (Stafal). Ascent with ski lifts up to Passo dei Salati and descent riding your MTB to Cimalegna, an intermediate station on the Pianalunga-Salati lift service. From here, you will descend with the funicular to Pianalunga and, then, on a dirt road to reach Alagna.