Mollia – Sella Alta del Sajunchè

Mollia – Sella Alta del Sajunchè


Departure (m): 880

Arrival (m): 2041

Difference in altitude (m): 1161

Time required: 4,5 hours


Signpost:n. 283

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

The itinerary starts from the hamlet of Molino and climbs up to the hamlet of Piana Fontana. The path goes past the Balmella chapel and a rockfall of massive stones to finally meet a fork. Take the path on the left that climbs along a steep track into the woods and reaches the alpine pastures of Belletto, Bulei di Mezzo and Pianello. From here, exit the woods and climb up the field keeping left. Head for the crest, reachable after a slanting stretch and a few bends, a few metres away from Punta Massarei (or di Valei) on which an iron cross stands, easily reachable by turning right. Keep left on the crest almost on a level ground and reach the depression of Sella Alta, where the homonymous alpine pasture or Alpe Campo is. This mountain pasture is home to the Support Point of CAI Varallo, always open. Head for the peak of Sajunchè, along scarce tracks of path that tend to disappear as you walk on. Continue along the crest that gradually climbs up to a plate. You will then enter a grassy canyon that leads to the rocks of the top in about one hour (EE route).