Mollia and Hamlets

Mollia and Hamlets

TypologyPaths of art

Starting altitude (m): 880 m

Arrival altitude (m): 1065 m

Gradient (m): 185 m

Excursion duration:Mollia/Goreto 20m, Goreto/Grampa 15m, Grampa/Piana Fontana 15m, Piana Fontana/Piana Viana 20m, Piana Viana/Piana Toni 20m, Piana Toni/Case Capietto 20m, Case Capietto/Otra Sesia 20m, Otra Sesia/Mollia 40m; total: 2h 50m

Level of difficulty: Easy

Hikink track

Recommended period: From spring to fall

Support spots:

Signs: no. 282

Itinerary: This art track crossing the Mollia territory through level and climbing grounds is a ring made possible thanks to the cycle track of the Valsesia Valley.

The itinerary starts from the parking lot at the entrance of the village, runs along the first part of the provincial road towards the valley and follows the road climbing up to Goreto; from here, the path leads to the hamlet of Grampa following sign no. 282.

The paved road leads to the ancient chapel of San Defendente where you can take the carriage road and the mule-track on the left towards la Pianaccia; walk up to Piana Fontana where you will find the chapel of Sant’Agata. From here the track leads to Piana Viana, the highest point of the itinerary where the walls of the Oratorio della Madonna dei Sette Dolori stand tall. You will arrive at the almost levelled hamlet of Piana Toni, that can also be reached along a route from Capleit; here is the oratory dedicated to the Madonna della Neve, San Marco and San Pietro.

Go north and you will see walls in ruins of tall constructions on the left; at the crossroads, follow the path down to Case Capietto. At certain points, it will almost look like the track has disappeared among boulders and tall beeches, but following the recent CAI signs you will reach the provincial road in 25 minutes; once crossed the road, you will reach the opposite bank of the Sesia river, in the hamlet of Otra Sesia. This is the most northerly point of Mollia; from here, the cycle track leads back to the starting point.

Points of interest: Parco della rimembranza; Oratory of Sant’Antonio Abate; Casa Gianina, Chapel of Santa Maria, Oratory of San Nicolao; Chapel of San Defendente; Aedicule dedicated to Madonna delle Grazie; Chapel of Sant’Agata, Cappella della Pietà, XVIII century building; Oratory of Madonna dei Sette Dolori; Oratory of Madonna della neve; Chapel of Sant’Andrea; Casa Belli; Villa Molinos Andreis; workshop-museum of Silvano de Marchi; mill.