Mollia – Alpe Ortigosa

Mollia – Alpe Ortigosa


Departure (m): 960

Arrival (m): 1307

Difference in altitude (m): 347

Time required: 1,15 hours

Difficult: medium-easy

Signpost: n. 282a

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

From the asphalt road that connects the hamlets of Grampa and Piana Fontana take path 282 on the right, marked by special signs. The path climbs up through the woods, leaving deviation 284a on the right which crosses the stream and then turns into a very steep slope up to "Scala Granda”, a massive dry-stone building on a rocky wall. You will then come out at the end of the field and reach the overlooking Alpe Ortigosa joining with path 283 that can be followed to go back downhill, forming a ring.