Ingredients for 4 people: 1 l. milk, ½ l. water, 1 kg. white flour, 4 eggs, oil and salt.

A special utensil is needed to make these: it consists in two disks held together by a hinge on one side, with long handles on the other side to manoeuvre it.
Preparation of the batter: mix together milk, water, white flour, eggs, a few spoonfuls of oil and a pinch of salt to make a creamy batter.
Preparation of the miacce: pour a ladle of batter onto one of the hot open disks; close the two together slowly and turn upside down several times over the flame, so as to obtain a crispy disk (lard can be used to grease the inside of the disks).
Filling: fill miacce with whatever you like (salami, ham, cheese, butter, honey, jam, Nutella…) folding them in half and reheating them using the same utensil used to make the disks of miacce.