Local Wines

The hilly area of the Vercelli province is not very extensive yet it produces wines, which are considered among the best in Italy for their quality, delicacy, and harmony.

We are in the Terre del Nebbiolo del Nord Piemonte (Northern Piedmont’s Land of the Nebbiolo), a type of grapevine in which the grapes develop into full-bodied and long-lived red wines, wines suitable for aging and young wines, yet above all, wines that marry well with local traditional dishes, from typical risotto (rice dishes) from the Vercelli area to the simple yet delicious sweets of the mountain regions, from tasty Valsesian cheeses to the vegetables.

Gattinara: D.O.C. since 1967; D.O.C.G. since 1991
Son to Nebbiolo grape-type, a granite-red coloured wine with orange tendencies, and has a dry and well-balanced flavour in spite of the bitterish aftertaste. It is grown exclusively on chosen land in the town of Gattinara . It goes extraordinarily well with roasts, read and wild meats. In order to savour all of its fullness it is aged for 3 years (of which at least one year in oak barrels) or 4 years for the Reserve (with 2 years in oak barrels).

Bramaterra: D.O.C since 1979
Son to Nebbiolo grape-type, integrated with Croatina, Bonarda and Vespolina grapes. It is seen by one's eye with a granite-red colour with signs of orange, the intense perfume and dense flavour, yet at the same time, velvety and delicate, make it suitable with roasts and main courses.

Coste della Sesia: D.O.C. since 1996
Made in three different qualities (Red, Rosé and White), all ready to drink, yet not lacking richness in talent for this. Its zone of origin corresponds to that which laps against the Sesia River .
Vivid red coloured red wine, it has a winy and intense aroma and a full-bodied and dry flavour, yet balanced.

Erbaluce:DOCG since 2010
A clear-coloured wine with a fine, fresh aroma, made into three different kinds of wines (white, passito , and spumante ) using white-fruit native Piedmont grapevines among some of the oldest in the region.
It marries perfectly with fish-based dishes and with the delicate flavours of spring risotto (rice dishes).
The Passito (non-sparkling sweet wine) comes from masterly and accurately dried 4 year-old grapes: the result is that of an amber coloured with a delicate perfume and a sweet, velvety flavour, whereas the Spumante (sparkling wine) distinguishes itself by the fresh, fruity flavour and the persistent perlage.