Itineraries in the park - Fobllo: Cervatto, Torno, Roj



Departure (m): 990

Arrival (m): 1022

Difference in altitude (m): 77

Difference in altitude downhill (m): 45

Time required: 1 hour approx.

Difficult: easy

Outings on foot

Period advised: all year

An extremely beautiful trail without being difficult. An ideal walk to admire the variety of the woods and, with a little bit of luck, also to see unusual small animals and insects, also deer, squirrels and birds. A curiosity characteristic of the history of the easy trail was realised during the 1930s by the Lancia family, who originated in Fobello, where the Villa Lancia still exists, and who still give their name to an important car manufacturer founded by Vincenzo Lancia.
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