This village was founded between the XII and the XIII century.

In the village the castle is noteworthy. This occupies an area of 25000 square meters. It has the shape of an irregular quadrangle with an irregular entrance tower positioned on the north side. On this it is still possible to see the connection of the postrela and of the drawbridge. On the perimeter walls on the southern side it is still possible to see traces of a second entrance door, now closed. The entrance tower dates back to the fifteenth century and it was erected after some general modifications which were carried out on the building after the transfer of the border territories to the "Visconti”, in 1378. The interior of the building is a mixture between a noble house and a defensive structure, a kind of "defensive house”. On a 1723 map it is possible to see the presence of a second external defensive barrier.

At the moment the Castle belongs to the Town Hall of Villata.

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