Serravalle Sesia

Serravalle is an industrial centre of the lower Valsesia, situated to the right bank of the river. Its origins are extremely ancient, as shown by the archaeological finds from the iron age and the roman epoch around the area.Other than the main centre, Serravalle consists of three average sized hamlets: Bornate, Vintebbio, situated on the ruins of an old castle from the eighth century, and Piane.

The main church is the Parish of Saint John the Baptist. This has a classic façade and was erect at the beginning of the XVII century to replace the previous one. In the interior there is a fresco of Peracino.

Along the avenue at the side of the cemetery stands the impressive Sanctuary of Saint Euseo. This was erected in the XVI century and was continuously widened and restored. Inside you will find frescoes in a late baroque style and behind the alter there is a wooden statue of the patron; in the crypt an urn contains the remains of Saint Euseo.

In the Vintebbio hamlet, apart from the old castle, there are the church of Saint Joseph and the church of the Virgin of the Rosary.

In the centre of the hamlet of Piane it’s worth seeing the Parish of Saint James, inside there is a very precious wooden gilt edged alter. In the Naula area you can find the oldest Valsesia Christian cult building: the Parish of Saint Maria di Naula, constructed in the Longobardic period. It is a very simple church in a Romanic and very austere style.

In Bornate you can find the Parish of the Assumption (1618) and the Church of the Name of Mary. On its external façade it is still possible to see the remains of the fresco dating back to 1453.

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