It is said that in Scopa in 1305, organised groups of inhabitants of the Valsesia met to face the incursions of Fra Dolcino, a heretic who chose this valley for his sect. This theory is supported also by an epigraph painted on the wall of the Parish Church iof Saint Bartolomeo in the ancient medieval chapel, according to which a big group of local inhabitants signed an agreement to stop the incursions of the heretic. The parish church has two interesting features: the elegant nineteenth-century porch, which wraps around the front and the left side, and an archway on the right side of the porch, which dates back to a primitive Romanesque building.

A very nice and simple walk enables to visit several small chapels and oratories build between the middle of the seventeenth century and the nineteenth century. It starts from Muro di Scopa, crosses Pianaccia, Sella, Gallina, Alpe Pian del Sasso and then goes back to Scopa.

In this areas the river Sesia is very suitable for those who love river sports.

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