This village is made of small groups of houses nearly all situated along the left bank of the Sesia river, apart from Otra Sesia, which is situated on the right bank. The houses are built close to the mountains, exactly where the valley becomes narrower. It is situated near the trace of the avalanche which for several years has isolated the valley at the level of Isolello, where now an avalanche shelter has been built.

In the main square there is the Parish dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. This was built as a church in 1657 and became a parish in 1734. In its interior there are several works by Orgiazzi and by Borsetti. Of particular interest is the long porch that runs along the west side of the church, with the fourteen stations of the Way of the Cross, frescoed in 1744 by the Valsesian Lorenzo Peracino.

In Piana Fontana stands the old Fucina mill, which is one of the few examples of "factory of the seventeenth century".It is part of the Valsesia Ecomuseum: in the interior are visible the forge, the original oven (still working) and the millstones used for grinding grain .

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