The oldest Lozzolo testimonydates back to a document of November 1000 and relates to a concession made by the Emperor Otto I as a favour to the bishop of Vercelli.

Of the castle, probably dating back to the XIII century, the only parts left are a cylindrical turret, the ancient military chapel and the wall, decorated by dovetail merlons still visible. In XIX century some internal halls were modified and decorated with paintings.

On the same square dominated by the Castle there is the Parish of Saint George; this was built in the fifteenth century and was originally located inside the Castle itself. During the following centuries the church was restructured several times. The body was restructured in 1716 and in 1867 whilst the façade only in 1963. The precious marble altar was instead made and consecrated in 1760.

The Oratory of Saints Roch and Anthony dates back to the XVII century; on the eastern side of the village, surrounded by plants, there is the Sanctuary of the Annunciation, an architectonical complex dating back to 1648 and made of a church with precious frescoes on the arches and large halls.

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